"Lewis Kaplan, the founder and artistic director of the Bach Virtuosi Festival (and the Portland Bach Festival, from which it emerged), has gathered . ..." Read More >>

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The Forecaster by Scott Andrews

"The final concert of the Bach Virtuosi Festival, slated for this Sunday evening in Portland, includes a reference to the year 1685 in its title. I asked founding artistic director Lewis Kaplan, whom I’ve known for two decades, to explain. All three of the composers who will be featured were born in the year 1685: Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel and Domenico Scarlatti."

"At age 85, Lewis Kaplan draws energy trying to match or surpass what he has done before as a teacher, performer and music festival administrator. ..." Read More >>

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"Cantatas, concertos, and cello suites featuring some of the country’s finest early-music makers can be heard in venues such as St. Luke’s Cathedral and the Etz Chaim Synagogue."

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"In Bach's Cantata 70, the festival fielded a choir of only eight voices, which matches scholars’ information about the forces available to Bach ..." Read More >>

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“People in Portland have opened up their houses to our artists and not only given them a room, but given them their heart,” Kaplan said. “This is by way of saying thank you.”

“I had never met him or worked with him, but I knew of him. He is such an incredible and revered performer and educator,” Ferguson said of Kaplan ... " Read More >>

Maine Classical Beat

When I was working for ad agencies I would visit New York weekly, with some light excuse, to hear music or go to the ballet. I never heard anything as good as what Lewis Kaplan has brought to Portland. Let us all hope that it continues.

The Forecaster by Scott Andrews

"When I started the Bach festival three years ago, I had a vision of bringing the greatest Baroque musicians in the world to Portland to perform in intimate spaces where all that matters is the music,” Kaplan explained.

Step Outside

"There will be a free concert supporting the Food Pantry of Falmouth on June 23, 2018 at 7pm. The concert will feature Lewis Kaplan and other musicians from the Bach Virtuosi Festival."


Brian Giebler, Tenor

"The Bach Virtuosi Festival was a great season ender for me. It was a celebration of my favorite music, with some of my most talented and cherished colleagues. Getting to make joyous beautiful music in such a serene... Read More >>

Beiliang Zhu, Cello

"Few things inspire good music making more than a combination of breath-taking scenery, delicious food, consoling music, and brilliant colleagues. The Bach Virtuosi Festival is a place where..." Read More >>

Tom Troeger, Yale Divinity School

"My wife and I are struck not only by the outstanding quality of the performances offered by the Bach Virtuosi Festival, but also its exciting, creative programming, especially as evident in the concert, “Before Bach and Beyond.” Read More >>

John Thiessen, Trumpet

"Wonderful, virtuosic colleagues playing beautiful music for an appreciative, engaged audience. What could be better?"


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